Thank you

Norman Marcus, Milnerton

My wife and I are senior citizens.

We were driving home from visiting family in Fish Hoek and were on the Koeberg Interchange, just before joining the N1, when I noticed that my car was overheating and steam was coming through the bonnet of the car.

I stopped immediately on the side of the road with hundreds of cars streaming by as it was peak-hour traffic. I got out of the car to view the damage that I thought had occurred. Before I reached the bonnet to open it, a guardian angel was approaching me with a bottle of water in his hand. He literally came out of nowhere as I did not see him stop his car.

He immediately assessed the problem and explained exactly what remedial action needed to be taken.

He calmed us down. He sorted the problem out and we were on our way home. But this guardian angel insisted on following us home to ensure that we arrived there safely.

He refused any form of compensation whatsoever. His name is Ricardo and he is involved with the Summer Greens Neighbourhood Watch.

Ricardo, we want to express our deepest appreciation to you.

Your action shows that there are good people in Cape Town and South Africa who are prepared to help strangers in need.

You make the doom and gloom we all see daily in the news go away and make us aware that most of us, whatever our background, are good human beings.

You, Ricardo, exemplify the essence of being of service to others. Once again, a big big thank you.