Thank you

Marion Konemann, Simon’s Town

I am the owner/driver of the Toyota Tazz that was engulfed by mud on the Main Road, Simon’s Town, between the Redhill and Dido Valley turn-offs on Friday, January 10.

My sister, Laura, and I, who were in my car during this very unfortunate episode, would like to extend our gratitude to all who came to our assistance.

A special thank you to the gentlemen from the department of water and sanitation who extricated my sister from the car and managed to retrieve our valuables.

Their concern and assistance were very much appreciated.

Also, thank you to the staff members from Kelpak who provided water and offers of tea and a place to sit.

Their staff member, Andrea, eventually drove us back to Simon’s Town when it was realised that the mop-up would be a day-long operation.

Also, our heart and blood-pressure readings were taken by the kind gentlemen from CMR which was very reassuring.

I would also like to mention Mark Hoy, who was of great assistance in keeping us updated.

It is heart-warming to know that chivalry and concern are still present in our world. Apologies to anyone I may have left out. Thank you all once again.