Thank you

Gerry Erasmus, St James

This missive is to thank you most sincerely for publishing the story of our “Man Friday,” Peter Godola in the False Bay Echo and the losses he has suffered (“Help for beloved helper and friend”, Echo, February 2).

Nineteen readers responded to it and it was heart-warming to see his grateful delight upon receiving clothing for himself and family, bedding and a few kitchen appliances from various well-wishers. Cash donations of
R1 000 and R250 also gave him a much needed kick-start in buying building materials and replacing some of the household goods he lost when his home was ravaged by fire.

Community newspapers are truly the voice of our community – there to afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted.

As a matter of interest, Peter received his last donation only a few days ago (March 21). It’s amazing how long your article floated around the Deep South – and in the hearts of the caring people who live there.

With grateful