Thank you

Andre Blom, chairman, Fish Hoek Community Police Forum

On the evening of Sunday August 30 at approximately 7pm, our neighbour, Dave Norton, died from natural causes.

The caretaker, my wife, the adjacent neighbour, and I were present.

I called Cape Medical Response (CMR) which responded within three minutes, and a staff member called Greg arrived.

Unfortunately in the situation, I did not get his surname.

I wanted to thank him for his excellent work and how he handled the situation with such compassion, professionalism and understanding, and the manner in which he communicated with the family and us is highly appreciated.

I would also like to thank Fish Hoek police officers Constable Mbopha and Constable Makapula for their compassion, professionalism, understanding and approach to the family when they arrived to complete and issue the SAPS 180.

These two constables provided the level of service that makes our community proud of our SAPS.