Thank you

Courteney Spence, Sally Britten and Eileen Cruywagen, Curators, Fish Hoek museum

Thank you very much for your well-written and informative article (“‘Dismay’ at museum closure”, Echo, October 20), in which you put forward the case for the continuation of Fish Hoek Valley Museum. Your article obviously resonated with Fish Hoek residents as we have had at least five or six people who have offered to help as volunteers.

In addition, numerous people in Fish Hoek have pleaded for the continuation of the museum as it relates to the history of their community.
Many of the positive responses have come from public figures within the valley including two members of the Friends of Music, a retired engineer involved with reconstruction of the Main Road, teachers at the high and primary schools, residents of the retirement homes, various churches in the valley, the library staff and also the well-known author Michael Walker.

Furthermore, we have experienced an increase in visitors to the museum who were reminded of our existence as a result of the article.