Thank you to paramedic

Mastoera Williams, Ocean View

This letter is to express our sincere gratitude as a family to the Almighty and an amazing team who saved my nephew’s life after a severe asthma attack at his parents home in Ocean View, on June 23.

Marcel was the first paramedic on the scene and he was a godsend when my sister-in-law saw him and flagged him down to come to the scene.

He did not hesitate one bit and turned around to assist. He was going off duty at the time, however, his immediate reaction to save a life has made a world of a difference. While he was attending to my nephew, he realised that medication was required and called another colleague who was there immediately with the meds and gave him the shots.

They struggled quite a bit with him and got him settled eventually when he was placed in the ambulance.

When we thanked the paramedics we were told that they are passionate about people and passionate about their job and this was totally shown in how professional, competent they were in handling the situation and during this they also had empathy for the family which was suffering from shock and fear.

The paramedic team who attended the scene were Marcel, Jacqui, Tyron and Melanie.

Thank you, CMR, for your amazing, competent, professional, amazing group of paramedics.

We are very grateful as a family and instead of mourning we are celebrating a life saved.

CMR, as usual delivered, what a blessing that we have this service available in our area.