Heather Giddey, Fish Hoek

I would like to let you know about the outstanding assistance my friend and I received from the staff and owner of The Bayside restaurant on Fish Hoek beach on the afternoon of Sunday March 1.

After spending a wonderful hour in the surf catching waves with our body boards, we returned to the bench where we had left our bags, tucked underneath to prevent opportunistic thieves from simply strolling past and picking them up, just to find that both bags had disappeared. All that was left behind were our flip flops and a separate bag containing my flippers.

We were very disturbed by this and noticed that there was a security camera aimed in the direction of the bench we had used.

My friend, Gill, approached the manager and asked if they would view the video footage to try to identify the thief.

This was done in our presence and the thief was eventually spotted removing our bags. We were so impressed with the extremely kind, concerned and thorough professional assistance we received.

The owner went more than the extra mile in the patience and determination she showed in identifying the culprit, even to the extent of walking the route he took exiting the beach and asking locals if they had seen him.

Although we will not recover our stolen bags and items, we were heartened by the selfless time and effort that was taken to assist us in this matter.