Thanks for the assistance

The sinkhole which swallowed Sally Thynnes wheel.

Sally Thynne, Fish Hoek

On Thursday May 23, at approximately 8am, I was driving along Disa Avenue, Fish Hoek, towards the circle at the junction with First Crescent.

I stopped at the junction, and, while stationary, a sinkhole opened up beneath my car.

The front nearside wheel fell into the hole, and I was unable to move the car out of it.

Fortunately assistance was rendered promptly by Tracey Norton (a council employee) who just happened to be passing, and she contacted the relevant department.

Within a few minutes, Felicity Purchase (ward councillor) arrived and took charge of the situation.

Shane, from Shane’s Towing, also arrived quickly on the
scene and set about extricating my
vehicle from the hole (free of charge) ably assisted by Felicity, local council worker
Ken Jenkins and a nearby resident (sorry I didn’t get your name).

At the back of my mind, was the fact that the hole could have expanded and swallowed the whole of my vehicle at any moment.

A huge thanks to everyone who rendered assistance and also to Arthur, at Tyger Wheel & Tyres in Sun Valley, who did a thorough inspection of my suspension and steering, free of charge. You guys are absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough.

There are some wonderful people in our beautiful valley. I am so blessed.