Thanks to Fabulous Fish Hoek

Rosemary McCready, Fish Hoek

Congratulations Fabulous Fish Hoek on 100 years of providing so well for all of us making our homes in the Fish Hoek valley.

Over the years there have been those who have said we don’t have the charm of our neighbours on the coastline but to many of us Fish Hoek is where we feel welcome and at home.

There have been requests to suggest some improvements to our home town to mark our 100th birthday and I wondered if reclaiming from the cars our well positioned Town Square might be considered.

I was around when that area was upgraded some years ago and thought how clever the town planners were to give Fish Hoek a feature that has long been part of life in Kalk Bay, Simon’s Town and even Muizenberg but missing from Fish
Hoek life. But sadly our town square was handed over to the mighty car and now any pedestrians have to take their chances with a swinging pole controlling the vehicle entrance.

I have had some very alarming near misses from it. Without the cars and with a palm tree or two surrounded by small stone mulch, our detractors might even reconsider their gloomy view of homely Fish Hoek.