Thanks to good Samaritan

Sally Bosma, Glencairn

On Monday afternoon at 5.40pm, I was driving towards Glencairn on the Expressway, close to Stonehaven, when I noticed that my car felt and sounded strange.

I pulled into the yellow line but continued driving very slowly. A car passed me and the driver indicated that I should stop which I did. He pulled in front of me and told me that one of my back tyres was flat.

Without any fuss, and very efficiently, he proceeded to change my wheel while the traffic flew by only inches from him.

Sadly, I didn’t get his surname, and all that I know about him is that his name is Raymond, he is middle aged, drives a black Ford Fiesta and runs a shuttle service.

He was actually on his way to collect a client at the Harbour Bay Mall but said that he had time to quickly change my tyre.

It’s such a good feeling to know that there are people who will stop on the side of a busy highway to help a total stranger.

Raymond, once again, thank you, thank you – you are a hero.