Thanks to hospital staff

Winston Fryer, Fish Hoek

I wish to relate two recent experiences at the False Bay Hospital. The first was after suffering an angina attack at midday, three weeks ago.

I arrived at the hospital from my doctor’s surgery in 5th Avenue by ambulance.

I was immediately attended to by the staff in the E waiting room. By now I had received treatment at the surgery of my doctor (the spray under the tongue which takes away the chronic pain) and what followed at the hospital was just too wonderful to explain.

I was attended to virtually every 10 minutes until they could find a bed for me and this happened at 8.30pm that day.

In the men’s ward the staff were so helpful, kindhearted and good natured. I had a good night and was monitored all night.

I received further attendance that morning from the doctor on duty.. and I was discharged at 2pm with my medicines under my arm, off to work the next day, with my blood pressure under control and feeling well.

The next visit was three weeks later as an out patient in the waiting room due to recurrent angina pains caused by some stress.

This time I was once again treated very well and they had all my history,admitting me once again to the men’s ward for two nights.

Again the staff were really wonderful, I was with three other men – one from Malawi, one from Zimbabwe and the other from Masi – and we were all treated with tip-top service.

On day three and I was examined by a new doctor and was discharged again and referred to a physician at Victoria Hospital., who later referred me to Groote Schuur.

I had no reason to complain at all during my stay and would recommend anyone to see and experience what I have experienced at the False Bay Hospital from the time of admittance to the time I was discharged .

Bravo to the doctors, staff, ward sisters and just everyone.