The snail’s progress

Jose de Sousa wrote to me in November last year on behalf of his in-laws, the Pestanas who had been trying to get their faulty water meter replaced since July (2016).

“My in-laws don’t speak English very well and I am trying to help them. I also reported the problem to the municipal offices in Goodwood on September 23, last year, and the water department promised to send someone. But they didn’t,” said Mr De Sousa.

In November, Ernest Sonnenberg, who was then Mayco member for utility services, said the re-
port of a faulty meter was received on September 23 and on October 28, an inspector asked for a replacement.

Mr Sonnenberg said the delay was due to a backlog in service requests and would be done as soon as possible. He advised the Pestanas to make provision in their finances for an unexpected increase in their water bill.

That’s okay, then. I suggested to Mr De Sousa if the meter wasn’t replaced soon he should contact Mr Sonnenberg, who is now a sub-council chair. Which he did in November but he didn’t get a
reply and the meter is still
faulty, Mr De Sousa told me on March 6.

Mayco member for informal settlements, water and waste services; and energy, Xanthea Limberg, said the customer has been contacted and an appointment has been made to replace the meter.

“The City apologises for the oversight,” Ms Limberg said.

Mr De Sousa confirmed that the meter was replaced on March 9. “It’s amazing the work you do for the community. “Thank you so much for your help on this mat-

Seventeen months to replace a water meter? Some oversight that
is from the City whose slogan is “Making progress possible. Together.”