Tribute to Dawn Hare

Merle Stevens, chairperson, Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities, chairperson

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Dawn Hare, Honorary Life
President of the
Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities, on Wednesday June 28.

During her lifetime, despite enormous hurdles, she devoted herself to enriching the lives of others living with disabilities.

She was never one to be daunted by any challenge and very seldom took no for an answer, particularly when she saw benefit for those clearly needing help.

It was so that in
1974 she became involved in Ocean View when she together with two social workers initiated an activity group to offer people with disabilities in the community, activities of interest and to add incentive to their daily lives. Initially the group met once a week in the civic centre, with the help of some volunteers who assisted with craft lessons and trans-
porting members of the group.

In 1981, with the backing of Cripple Care (now Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities), the Ocean View Work Group, now the Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities, was registered and began operating as a protective workshop.

Having started with six members, the group now comprises 58 physically disabled and intellectually challenged workers, the majority of whom live in Ocean View with their families.

Workers are also transported daily from Parkwood Estate, Grassy Park and Steenberg. Our members work from our centre, which was bought in 2015, through the efforts of Dawn.

The association, which continues to provide opportunities of employment and socialisation, has become a beacon of light to the disabled in the area, thereby earning the respect and support of the community and local churches.

In 1999, the opportunity to acquire a house in Ocean View presented itself.

Never daunted, Dawn saw this as an opportunity to provide accommodation for members of the association who, with a bit of guidance and help, could be placed in a position to live independently. The house was bought with the help of benefactors and the following year six members took up residence in the Dawn Hare Group Home. The home continues to thrive to this day.

So, in saying
goodbye to Dawn,
we thank her for everything she has done for the disabled
in Ocean View and beyond over the last 43 years.

She is going to be missed, of that there is no doubt. She has left an indelible legacy in the disabled community, and we will continue to honour her going forward.

To her family go our heartfelt condolences on their great loss.