Trio nabbed in possession of stolen vehicle

The stolen vehicle was recovered in St James.
Three people were arrested after they were found in possession of a stolen vehicle in St James on Sunday July 28.

Law enforcement officers, who were patrolling in the area, spotted the vehicle in the parking area of St James Beach.

They decided to investigate because the area was deserted, save for this one vehicle.

The officers found a man and two young women in the car. There was also a number of bottles of alcohol scattered inside the vehicle.

Law enforcement inspector, Wayne Dyason, said: “The vehicle also had a licence disc which expired in 2012. Upon interviewing the driver and his two young female companions and contacting the control room, it was confirmed the vehicle was reported stolen in Steenberg in April.”

All three suspects, including the 18-year-old girls, who are still at school, were arrested and charged for possession of a stolen vehicle.