Unpacking the elections

The DA kept its tight grip on the far south with the ANC losing support to the EFF.

DA councillors Felicity Purchase and Simon Liell-Cock have been re-elected in wards 61 and 69 and will be joined by new DA councillor Aimee Kuhl whose ward, Ward 64, was previously represented by Dave D’Alton, who retired.

Ward 61, which now includes Kommetjie and excludes parts of Fish Hoek, covering the southern-most point of the peninsula from Cape Point through Simon’s Town to Glencairn and Scarborough to Kommetjie and Ocean View, had an 86.73 percent support for the DA, followed by the ANC at 5.77 percent.

That voters are starting to consider independent candidates was shown by support for Johann Kikillus who came in third with 1.29 percent of the vote, narrowly beating the Patriotic Alliance on 1.2 percent.

Ward 69, which used to include Kommetjie and now starts at Kommetjie’s border and includes the area through to Masiphumelele, Noordhoek and Sun Valley, also came out in support of the DA with a 59.01 percent vote for the DA followed by a 34.81 percent for the ANC and a 3.57 percent vote for the EFF.

Ward 64, which now includes all of Fish Hoek avenues and mountainside, and goes through Clovelly, Kalk Bay, St James and Muizenberg to Lakeside and Marina da Gama, came out most strongly in favour of the DA of the three wards, with a 91.92 percent DA vote, 2.17 percent ANC vote and a 2.11 percent ACDP vote.

As the boundaries for the wards have changed, comparisons cannot be made to the previous elections on a ward by ward basis, but looking at some of the voting stations is instructive.

In most voting stations, the support for the DA remained steady, with the biggest change being at Muizenberg High where DA support dropped from 91.62 percent in 2011 to 88.17 percent and Kommetjie where there was a drop from 96.26 percent to 93.11 percent.

Interestingly, the DA increased its support in the ANC stronghold of Redhill where its share rose from 10.8 percent in 2011 to 22.46 percent. Similarly, the DA edged up in Masiphumelele with an increase at KwaNonzondelelo Methodist Church from 2.2 percent to 5.2 percent and at Masi community centre from 3.13 percent in 2011 to 6.31 percent this year.

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ANC strongholds remain Masiphumelele, where the ANC had strong support, with an 83.72 percent vote at the community centre and an 81 percent vote at the church. However the percentage support was less overall than in the 2011 elections, when the ANC gained 93.6 percent at both centres. Their support appeared to have gone partly to the DA, but primarily to the EFF, at 8.4 percent (church) and 7.8 percent (commmunity centre), reflecting nationwide trends.

Redhill, the other ANC area, showed similar trends. With 72.46 percent of the voters supporting ANC, way down on the 84 percent of the 2011 elections, votes went to the DA, as previously mentioned (22.46 percent compared to 10.8 percent in 2011) and the EFF (2.3 percent).

The ACDP also had a fair showing of support, particularly in Muizenberg, as well as Sun Valley, Kommetjie and parts of Fish Hoek.

In the City of Cape Town, the DA are in control, with the DA having 66.61 percent of the votes and 154 seats; the ANC with 24.36 percent and 57 seats; the EFF with 3.17 percent and seven seats; the ACDP with 1.21 percent and three seats; Aljama with 0.66 percent and 2 seats and the AIC, FFPlus, DI, UDM, CMC, PAC, COPE, PA with less than 1 percent and one seat each.

The results per voting station, for the top three or four parties in the three wards (figures for 2011 are in brackets) are as follows:

Ward 61

Simon’s Town town hall: DA 88.13 percent (87.7 percent); ANC 5.7 percent (7.74 percent), EFF 1.64 percent, Johan Kikillus 1.23 percent

Redhill: ANC 72.46 percent (84 percent); DA 22.46 percent (10.8 percent); EFF 2.3 percent

Da Gama Park: DA 86.49 percent (85.2 percent); ANC 8.3 percent (12.12 percent); EFF 2.3 percent; ACDP 1.02 percent.

Phoenix Lodge, Glencairn: DA 95.2 percent (97.31 percent); ANC 1.14 percent (0.93 percent); ACDP 0.91 percent

Kommetjie Primary: DA 93.11 percent (96.26 percent); Johann Kikillus 2.17 percent; ACDP 0.9 percent (1.01 percent)

Ocean View Secondary: DA 85.56 percent (86.65 percent); ANC 5.29 percent (7.09 percent); PA 1.81 percent (1.0 percent); Johann Kikillus 1.68 percent

OV multipurpose centre: DA 87.63 percent (87.76 percent); ANC 3.9 percent (6.83 percent); PA 2.2 percent; Johann Kikillus 1.4 percent

OV Baptist church: DA 85.34 percent (83.88 percent); ANC 3.41 percent (9.9 percent); PA 3.12 percent

Ward 69

Masiphumelele Community Centre: ANC 83.72 percent (93.59 percent); EFF 7.8 percent; DA 5.2 percent (2.2 percent)

KwaNonzondelelo Methodist church: ANC 81 percent (93.6 percent); EFF 8.4 percent; DA 5.2 percent (2.2 percent)

King of Kings Baptist Centre: DA 96.51 percent (96.91 percent); ACDP 1.38 percent (1.75 percent); EFF 0.54 percent

Sun Valley Primary: DA 96.51 percent (96.91 percent); ACDP 1.38 percent (1.2 percent)

Silvermine Retirement Village: DA 97.05 percent (97.18 percent); ACDP 0.84 percent (1.15 percent); ANC 0.57 percent (0.92 percent)

Ward 64

False Bay College: DA 97.1 percent (96.29 percent); ACDP 0.73 percent (1.48 percent); ANC 0.667 percent (1.24 percent)

Fish Hoek Primary: DA 95.03 percent (95.85 percent); ACDP 2.41 percent (2.15 percent); VF plus: 0.51 percent

Fish Hoek civic centre: DA 92.33 percent (94.6 percent); ACDP 2.41 percent (2.48 percent); ANC 1.8 percent (1.98 percent)

Kalk Bay community centre: DA 91.13 percent (92.38 percent); EFF 6.18 percent; ANC 2.25 percent (3.81 percent)

Muizenberg civic centre: DA 80.08 percent (82.24 percent); EFF 6.18 percent; ANC 5.93 percent (11.08 percent); ACDP 2.42 percent (1.79 percent)

Muizenberg High: DA 88.97 percent (91.62 percent); ANC 3.67 percent (4.46 percent); ACDP 3.05 percent (2.21 percent)

Zandvlei: DA 94.69 percent (94.69 percent); ACDP 1.33 percent (1.53 percent); ANC 1.31 percent (2.51 percent)