Upgrade planned for beach parking area

The City of Cape Town is planning to upgrade the Seaforth Beach parking area.

Consultants have been appointed to draft detailed plans and compile tender documentation, according to Arne Purves, environmental compliance specialist for the City.

Disabled access to the beach is a prerequisite, and walkways are to be widened, with seating.

The site was assessed by a structural engineer to assess the stability of existing retaining walls, and all
mass-gravity retaining walls are to be rebuilt, but the stone
will be re-used. New walls will be clad in natural stone.

Improved lighting is planned in the high-use area and reduced lighting in the more natural areas.

The parking flow was assessed and will remain the same with the loss of two
bays to ease traffic follow.

The parking area is to be resurfaced. It will also be penguin-proofed to keep penguins in the beach area.

All steps will be refurbished and re-built where required.

A timber deck is being considered to provide a more aesthetic viewing point.

New railings are to be put up all around the
viewing areas. Irrigation will be considered if borehole water is an option.

The plan shows the western side will remain natural with dune
with dune rehabilitation continuing. And new signage will be posted.