Upgrade the walkway

WF Moller, Fish Hoek

I am writing about the surface and condition of the walk way along the beach from in
front of the restaurant and where the “dog beach” starts.

To keep my leg muscles going, I try to walk there most days. I park in a disabled bay (I have a disabled disc) and then walk with the help of two walking sticks on that walkway.

A couple of years ago the surface of the “catwalk” was redone but stopped in the front of the restaurant. The rest of the path, past the lifesavers’ hut to the start of the “dog beach” is in a terrible state, uneven and full of holes.

Even people who have no problem with their legs could fall, so with all the money that is taken at the entrance of the beach could you ask the City of Cape Town to level the surface of that walkway.

By the way, I am 88 years old and have lived in Fish Hoek for nearly 30 years. I am originally from the Netherlands and spent three-and-a-half years in a Japanese concentration camp on Java.

Eddie Andrews , mayco member for area south, responds:

It is the City of
Cape Town’s intention to upgrade the walkway.

We are yet to finalise the budget and procurement in this regard.

As soon as this has been done, the
upgrade will take

In the meantime the public are to exercise caution when walking in this area.