Valuable trees removed

Charmaine French, Fish Hoek

I wonder if anyone else among our community is aware of the removal of an avenue of stately, established blue gum trees running parallel to the Kommetjie Road extension, at Sun Valley, near the four-way stop?

I acknowledge and appreciate the the City’s mitigation for removal of “alien” vegetation , especially if it endangers local life and property.

However, this avenue of trees is at least 60 years old, and presents no immediate danger to local property. These trees occupy an open land area and provide an aesthetic value to the surrounds, as well as shade to the public walking along this stretch of public land.

With all the fires that have ravished the deep south and other regions lately, destroying much of the established vege-tation, could we not * -a-* -s-e a little, and take stock of what’s beautiful and natural? Even aliens have their place in the greater scheme of things.

* Mayoral committee member: area south, Eddie Andrews, replies:

To date, 10 trees along Kommetjie Road near the four-way stop and another five on the eastern side of the Capri intersection have been removed as part of a road widening process in the area.

Trees are only removed if absolutely necessary. Only selected trees have been removed and not the entire avenue.