Vehicle renewal notices to be sent by SMS or email

Changes to vehicle renewal system.

Vehicle renewal notices will no longer be sent by post.

The City said in a statement that it had been notified that national transport authorities would now send the notices by SMS or email.

The City performed the vehicle-licensing and renewal function as an agent of the national transport authorities and had to follow the regulations, fines and operational changes decided on at a national level, it said.

The City reminded motorists to check the expiry dates on their vehicle’s licence discs.

The City welcomed the move to the paperless system and advised motorists to check their contact information was up to date so they could receive the notices.

The City warned that its customer offices were at their busiest over November and December – more so this year because of the impact of the Covid-19 regulation and lockdown.

The public could avoid queues by using the City’s e-Services and online payment options.

● For motor vehicle registration and licensing assistance email or if you have experienced difficulties with the vehicle renewal and licensing online transactions.