Wall hangings to raise funds for feeding project

Cool Blue Autumn is one of four wall hangings made in aid of a fund- raising for the Clovelly Community Action Network (CAN).

The Clovelly Community Action Network (CAN), is selling four wall hangings to raise money to feed the needy.

According to Clovelly CAN member Melanie Farrell, the group started in 2020 during lockdown – as part of the broader Cape Town Together (CTT) movement – in response to Covid-19 to help alleviate hunger in vulnerable communities.

While many of the organisations in the CTT network had ceased operating, Clovelly CAN still supported 15 to 20 soup kitchens in surrounding areas, said Ms Farrell.

“In three years, the neighbourhood’s efforts have raised R350 000 via individual donations and fundraising initiatives.”

The wall hangings were created by the Clovelly CAN Stitch Project, which was launched in January last year. They are made from donated scraps of fabric and those who made squares for the hangings came up with their own designs.

The 1.2m x 80cm wall hangings, Bright Blue Summer, Cool Blue Autumn, Bold Blue Winter and Pale Blue Spring”, are each selling for R2 500.

Sasha Scholtz, an art teacher who contributed to the project, said the fact that the Clovelly CAN was still going was a source of pride for the community.

Another contributor, Kyoko Kimura Morgan, made a square dedicated to peace.

“It was also the time Ukraine was being invaded, and so I stitched the sunflower on my square as an expression of the anti-war sentiment. The broken fabric of society can be mended by our actions to come and hold together those holes,” she said.

Ms Farrell said it had taken a year to make the four wall hangings.

Email ClovellyCAN@gmail.com or visit the Clovelly CAN’s Facebook or Instagram pages if you are interested in buying one of the wall hangings.

Pale Blue Spring is another of the four wall hangings.