Warning about mugging

John Homewood, Lakeside

I would like to report this mugging as the more people and officials are aware the better the chance of getting more effective law enforcement in the False Bay area.

On Sunday evening, September 4, my partner and I were taking an evening walk along the beach east of Sun-rise beach. On our way back to Sunrise Beach parking, a tall, young man in his early 20s came out from the sand dunes and started walk-ing towards us. My part-ner had an intuitive feeling that he was not up to any good, so I suggested we split and she go down to the sea and I continued walking towards him. I greeted him as he approached but he produced a large knife which he then threatened me with demanding my wallet and cellphone. I threw the wallet and cellphone further away up the beach and he went after them and, taking the cash out of the wallet, discarded the wallet and ran off back into the dunes. I recovered my wallet and rejoined my partner and proceeded to report the matter to SAPs Muizenberg where I opened a case.

I have heard nothing from SAPS in this regard this week and wonder if they take this type of crime seriously and if they have any plans to clean up the area?

Captain Stephen Knapp, corporate communica-tions, Muizenberg SAPS, responds:

We can confirm the incident. The appointed investigating officer in the case is Detective Sergeant Danie Gelden-huys, who has confirmed that the investigation is ongoing. An ID kit re-construction has been arranged and this infor-mation has been relayed to the complainant.