Warning against a suspicious hiker

Ken Ensor-Smith, Constantia

I would like to report an occurrence that took place at 11am on Wednesday September 11 as a warning to residents of the False Bay area.

I live in Constantia but was driving through to Glencairn to return some books I had borrowed from a friend in the area.

When I crossed Kommetjie Road and entered Glencairn Expressway I saw a very respectable-looking woman in her mid-forties pleading for a lift on the side of the road, so, against my better judgement, I stopped to offer her a lift.

I was told she lived in Ocean View and was looking for work. She asked me if I could offer her anything, which I said I could not.

I had, however, bought some compost in Tokai on my way to Glencairn and had put my wallet in the bag of books I was returning which I had on the passenger seat but had moved to the console between us when she boarded.

It was only when she disembarked and I looked in my bag that I realised that my wallet was missing, so I immediately turned the car and chased after and accosted her.

Naturally, she denied it and continued to walk away from me, but I managed to dislodge her backpack, which may have contained some evidence of her identity.

She entered the path in the reeds in the vlei, but after a minute, came back proffering my wallet in exchange for her backpack, and we tossed them at each other’s feet.

Needless to say, she had removed all the cash in the wallet, but I did get it back with all the credit cards, drivers’ licences, club membership cards etc, so I count myself lucky.

Please be warned that this well-dressed, presentable woman is a thief, preying on the unsuspecting generosity of the well-intentioned public.