Warning when transacting online

Internet-related crimes, including spoofing, are on the rise in Fish Hoek and surrounds, and police are warning people to be vigilant when transacting online.

Spoofing is where a computer program or person masquerades as another by falsifying data.

Police spokesman,Warrant
Officer Peter Middelton, warns that even when buying something from a legitimate, familiar company, you should verify the banking details by telephone and not online or by
email as emails can be hacked and the banking details changed so that money is deposited into a false account.

Make sure you do not use the telephone number on the email to call the company to verify banking details as this number can also be false.

Anyone buying items online should verify the existence of the person and the items purchased before depositing money.

Warrant Officer Middelton said there had been several recent cases of ATM fraud especially in Fish Hoek Main Road.

In one case, a man was forced at knife-point in broad daylight to hand over his bank card.

Copper pipes have been stolen from various complexes in recent weeks, and Warrant Officer Middelton urged the public to report these cases to the police.

Burglaries, thefts from cars and car thefts are also on the rise, and Warrant Officer Middelton urged the public not to leave valuables in their vehicles.

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