Well done to SAPS

Dawn Corin, Plumstead

One often reads in the paper how negative the public image of the SAPS is. However, the service that I received from Captain Stephen Knapp when visiting Muizenberg police station on Wednesday July 26, was both compassionate and incredibly professional.

I reported that my housekeeper of many years had not reported for work since Monday and was not taking calls or responding to messages.

I was concerned that something had happened to her, as she has always previously let me know if she was unable to come to work and this was totally out of character for her.

Within an hour of talking to Captain Knapp and giving him my contact details, he had dispatched a van to her premises. He contacted me twice during the day and informed me that he would be contacting her husband.

He subsequently phoned me to inform me that he had contacted the husband and that my housekeeper would be appearing in Muizenberg Court with her husband.

He then went to the court and made contact with my housekeeper, confirmed that she was unharmed and let me know immediately.

I would hereby like to apologise for wasting Captain Knapp’s valuable time on a “wild goose chase” and to say a heartfelt thank you to him for the manner in which he dealt with the matter.

It has been a very stressful week for myself and my staff, due to our worry over her welfare and Captain Knapp’s diligence and attention to detail assisted in us establishing that she was unharmed. Thank you.