What a waste of water

Brian Pittman, Fish Hoek

We have been doing our utmost to save water by every possible means – using grey water to flush toilets, water the garden and using the taps as sparingly as possible.

Why is it then, that when a water leak we noticed alongside the garage in Fish Hoek, where I am employed, after being reported to the council, does it take them hours to respond to and when they finally do arrive they, for reasons only known to themselves, feel that it is not their job to fix the leaking pipe which was quite visible to the naked eye.

It took a phone call to Felicity Purchase to get the council employees moving. This is not the first time I have noticed and reported manholes overflowing with water, water running down gutters from private residences and so on.

If we, the public, can do our bit, surely it would be logical to assume, that the council, with all the equipment readily available to them, could do their bit as well.

Come on Fish Hoek municipality, put the plug in and do what you are supposed to be doing.