What about PPE?

Owen Simons, Greater Retreat Advice Office

I applaud councillor Simon Liell-Cock for spearheading the clean-up of the Ocean View area and, in so doing, teaching youngsters how to keep their environment clean.

I did notice from the picture on page 8, that the children were not wearing gloves. However, the councillor and the other adult in the picture are, and I wonder why exactly that is.

Surely, and especially during Covid-19, this sends so many wrong messages. I could also not visibly see any sanitisers anywhere in the picture, or on the bodies of the councillor or the other adult.

Surely too, the councillor could easily have arranged the necessary personal protection equipment, gloves at least, for these youngsters from the resources at his disposal.

No gloves for the kids, through all of at least “three weeks” of clean-up and “400 bags of litter”.

• Simon Liell-Cock responds: Leather gloves do not act as protection against Covid-19 and were used in the field we were clearing as protection against broken glass as we kept finding broken bottles lying around, and only I was picking it up due to the risks associated with it. We told the children to call me if they found any broken bottles or glass and not to touch it. Besides that we had hand sanitiser on site for everyone.