What government is doing is not working

Johann Kikillus, Ocean View

Over the past year, Soteria Ministries and Ocean View Care Centre have seen an alarming increase in poverty, with more children and elderly people malnourished; drug-induced mental illness, such as depression, psychosis and schizophrenia, in children and young adults; sexual abuse, with perpetrators starting at a younger age at primary-school level; anxiety and panic disorder among high school pupils across the valley; teenagers not coping with everyday life; pupils dropping out school at a younger age; and foster children at greater risk with no immediate help for them.

The age of shooters in gang violence has also dropped as more teenagers fall through the cracks.

The list goes on, but what is clear is that what government is doing is not working.

There are inadequate resources and budgets.

Issues that we raised in 2012 have still not been addressed.

Justice is still out of reach for those who do not have access to private services. Society continues to fray at the seams.

There is a need for more action from civil society and specifically churches. We hope more people will join us in 2019 as we tackle these issues.