What’s happening to taxpayers’ money?

Erika Spilhaus, Lakeside

I am feeling rather disgruntled. I have just read that our former president Jacob Zuma has made another maiden pregnant and he now has “23 known children”.
He is also taking his new lady as his wife and he will therefore now have seven wives

Now here’s the bug-bear. Whilst I know that Zuma’s love life has got nothing to do with me, I do know that he will be receiving a life-time package of nearly R3 million per year, plus all sorts of perks.

The first lady will receive special perks and then, here’s the concern “the spouse of the ex president will enjoy reasonable support” including a car and driver and other perks. What happens when the president has seven spouses? Do they all get these treats?

This is not right. The tax payers have to pay for this. If Jacob Zuma wants to live this kind of life, then he should be responsible for his actions – and pay for them out of his own pocket.

And why should ex-presidents earn such huge pensions? Which brings me to my next bug – bear – ministers’ salaries. A minister is merely a man or woman who is doing a job. So why should a minister earn R2.5 million a year and his/her deputy earn R1.9 million a year? This is totally outrageous. However, that is not all – they enjoy a variety of perks as well – such as free housing, a car, free medical and security

Most of us who are lucky enough to have a job, earn salaries that are nowhere near that amount.

However – we are the tax payers and we pay the ministers’ salaries. One slaves away one’s whole life to live a reasonable life and be able to pay one’s bills and perhaps be able to retire with an assurance that maybe money saved, will get us to the end of our lives. It is all a lot of very hard work. But a minister can join government, and automatically qualify for this enormous salary of R 200 000 per month. Is this right?

Now also add the fraud that happens in the dark corridors. No wonder there is no money left over to run the country. The worst of this is, that there are millions of people in our country who don’t even have a crust of bread to eat at night – yet they look up to these ministers as icons.

How can you “fight” for the underdog who has nothing, yet yourself enjoy a life of luxury? That is sheer hypocrisy.