When childhood is lost

Daniel Ngceni, Masiphumelele

You gave me false hope.

Sweets, chocolates that was all a lie.

You made me believe in you.

Believing that you appreciate seeing me

Growing in front of you as a child.

You kept reminding me how beautiful I am.

Not that I was blind, I was just a child, an innocent child.

You took away my pride; I was only six years old when you took my virginity.


You waited until there was no one.

You played the music too loud, then you took me to your room.

I was your dance floor you made me one remember.

I cried until no more. The music was too loud for people to hear.

I waited so long for you to stop.

You just kept on dancing to your music.

I started bleeding but you never seemed to care at all.


I thought you were there to protect me but guess what I was wrong.

I asked you if you do remember!

You raped me.

Do you know how painful it was, sleepless nights I had.

Yes you did.

It is my future that you have ruined.

My dreams you have destroyed.

The day that you forced yourself into me.

The day that you showed me your true colours.

The day that you gave me a life-time disease.

That’s the day I became HIV positive.


How could you?

How could you be so heartless.

It was all because of you, a cold-hearted man I say.

How do you live with this?

What is it that you felt when you had me?

I pleaded with you over and over again but you never stopped.