Who will see to those who need special help

Johann Kikillus, Ocean View

With less than a hundred days of water remaining in our dams, I have yet to hear a single word from anyone how the vulnerable are expected to fetch their water at the 200 water collection points.

By vulnerable I am of course referring to the elderly, disabled, mentally ill, bedridden, single moms with small kids and thousands of others who have no means of getting 25-litre containers to these points.

I don’t want to read a printout spewed out by the City, but would prefer if our ward councillor could hold some public meetings where he lays out the plans as well as gets names of all the people who will be requiring special help.

I also look forward to the entire City and provincial leadership tendering their resignations for allowing us to get into this mess even though it was brought to their attention years ago. Political arrogance at its best.

* The Echo sent this email to the City for a response, but by the time this edition went to print, all we had received was an automatic response

indicating that its media office was experiencing a high volume of enquiries which was affecting turnaround times
and referred the
Echo to frequently asked questions
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