Why was I singled out?

Denzil Rubain, Fish Hoek

I take a beach walk almost every day, at 11:45am. On Sunday August 23, I was stopped by a law enforcement officer, telling me I must put on my mask, which wasn’t wrong, but all over, not even a metre away, no one had their masks on.

So I told him and he said his men would sort it out. I said I would come back to check.

I monitored him from a far distance for more than half an hour, but nothing.

I went back to him, and he spun a story saying his officers were coming from the catwalk, which was a lie.

There’s never been law enforcement on site ever. I’m upset because why, of all those without a mask, did he stop me? What am I dealing with?

* Law enforcement spokesman Wayne Dyason responds:

Law enforce-
ment officers have a difficult task in trying
to keep all citizens
safe from exposure
to Covid-19. The
officers do not act
out of malice or with
the intention of victimising anyone. Officers do not fine members of the public who do not wear masks – they merely ask them to please wear one.

Beaches are busy places, so it is not realistically possible
to warn everyone because of the sheer numbers. The officers do cover the catwalk as well.