Witness to accident

The scene of an accident on Kommetjie Road, last week.

Jodi van Rooy, Ocean View

I have sent a picture with my letter taken at 8.25am on Tuesday November 13, at the scene of the accident on Kommetjie
Road, near the top end of 6th Avenue.

As a resident of Ocean View and a daily commuter on this road, there is a huge concern for road rage in the surrounding area with negligent drivers being ignorant towards road safety, disobeying the rules of the road and lacking consideration and the safety of fellow road uses and pedestrians.

On route to Fish Hoek via Kommetjie Road, my regular turn- at 7th Avenue, I noticed that the road ahead was blocked off on both sides with vehicles and a crowd of people on the scene minutes before the arrival of our emergency and rescue units.

On my arrival at the accident scene, I witnessed along with many others, five vehicles involved, including a white minibus taxi, which eyewitnesses believed was the cause of the entire acci-dent.

The vehicles involved, including the taxi, were a blue Toyota Avanza, a silver Peugeot, a white Hyundai i20 and grey Hyundai i10.

To conclude my report, without assumption but only my close observation to this tragic scene, the white minibus taxi driver had an injury to his right leg and another driver involved in the accident had suffered what I believe to be a major head injury as she was hardly making any movement while lying in the road, to the left side of the blue Toyota Avanza.

May the info I provided and my concern to this be of much help to you and many of your readers and let us make a stand together for the safety of our people and fellow road users.