Women celebrated

Patsy de Lacey Smith has been hosting a Women’s Day event for the past 18 years. The latest one was held at Delacey’s on Main, Kommetjie, on Women’s Day (Wednesday August 9). It was a fun-filled lunch day with a blue, white and bling theme decor, scrumptious food and entertainment supplied by David Pfuhl. A contribution was made for Sight for Kids through the sale of boutique cloths donated by Martie Walker’s company, Iconic Designs. Dignity bags were donated by St Stephens Church Woman’s Auxiliary, St Vincent’s of Paul Catholic Woman’s Group, as well as women who attended the Women’s Day event. Children’s clothing and toys were donated to the Napier Nasorg organisation. Pictured is Ms Smith with Dianne Powell, voluntary project director of Jonga Trust and a member of the Lions Club Tokai.

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