Work instead of beg

Isla James, Sunnydale

I am writing in concern about the beggars at traffic lights in the Sun Valley area.

Some of them are becoming very aggressive if you don’t give them something and it is becoming a safety risk.

They must understand many people simply do not have extra money to give and are just trying to support their own families and survive.

If somebody says they haven’t got any money to give, the beggars should move on and not harass people. This also applies to the car guards. It is not your right to expect that people must give you money.

A person will provide a tip if they feel a good service has been rendered but it is up to each and every individual if they want to give a tip, it is not a requirement.

I find it hard that beggars say that they cannot find work as if a person is a hard and honest worker, they will always be able to find work despite the difficult economic climate.

Many foreigners have found work because they are willing to work hard and put in the necessary hours and dedication which is essential for any job.

Can some of these beggars maybe apply themselves better? For instance, can they maybe offer to wash people’s car front window while the person is waiting at the traffic light? Many people are more inclined to offer money if a genuine service is provided.

Money should never just be given, people should always work hard for their money like most people do. Maybe the beggars can also try selling some food stuffs like biltong, peanuts, cool drinks etc. as many people need a snack when they are on the road. I’m sure they’ll be far more successful offering a service than just demanding and expecting people to give them money for essentially doing nothing.