Youth holiday programmes underway

Youth engaging in games during a YSRP programme.
The Department of Community Safety will host 150 092 youths at its youth holiday programmes through its Youth Safety and Religious Partnership (YSRP) programme which started on Friday December 6.

The YSRP is a religious holiday programme which promotes safety by keeping young people off the streets during the holidays. 

A budget of R5.780 million has been allocated for implementation of the YSRP in the 2018/19 financial year.

Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz has called on citizens to support their local programme, and, where possible, register their own.  

Mr Fritz said: “While the programme is constantly growing, there is a clear need in our communities to safeguard our young people over the festive period. 

Therefore, I call on all citizens to involve themselves in and support their local YSRP. Where possible, I urge residents to start their own programme.”

The programmes will run until Saturday January 14.

For further information on the YSRP programme, contact Mr Mansour Lagkar on 021 483 5621 or Liesl Dreyer on 021 483 4571 or email