Zandvlei water activities closed due to E coli

The Zandvlei wetlands has been closed. Picture: Helen Bamford/ African News Agency (ANA)
 As a precaution, the City of Cape Town has temporarily closing off public access to recreational water activities in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve. This is as a precautionary measure following water quality tests. The closure only applies to recreational activities in the Zandvlei water area, including fishing. Access to the land section of the reserve and other visitor facilities in the area remain open to members of the public.

According to the City, sewage spills in the Marina da Gama and Sand River Canal sections of the reserve last week resulted in water quality testing being done. 

The test results showed high levels of faecal coliforms (Escherichia coli).

“Members of the public are advised to avoid all contact with the water until these levels stabilise within national recreational water use guidelines,” the city said.

Members of the public will be informed once the affected area is safe again for recreational use, the city said.