An experience of goodness and kindness

Mike Shaw, Fish Hoek

I have been given a new TV, and duly went to the post office for a TV licence. I submitted my details, and then the following conversation took place:

“You have a TV licence sir, which has not been paid for four years.”

“The TV has been out of order since my wife died and my laptop and cellphone replaced it for me.”

“If you do not cancel your TV licence, you are liable for the fees.”

“I have not had an invoice or a reminder regarding this licence.”

I was told the total is R4336. I said it was unfair and asked what else there was for me to pay that I didn’t know about. A man at the adjoining counter said the same thing had happened to his elderly mom, and the SABC took her to court.

“I am shocked to hear that,” I replied.

This gentleman then leaned over and handed his credit card to the teller and said he would pay for it.

I now have a TV licence, but more, an experience of goodness and kindness, a great treasure for me to share. Thank you, Kobus.