Frogfoot treats clientele with contempt

Anwar Suleman Mall, Emeritus Professor, UCT, Simon’s Town

Thank you for giving prominence to the issue of the poor or even absent service provided by Frogfoot (“Fibre fail keeps businesses on the hop,” Echo October 14).

We have had so many frustrating experiences with this company that, in the event of my having to deliver a lecture or Zoom into a seminar, I am inclined to arrange using the wi-fi at the home of a relative in Wynberg, all the way from Simon’s Town.

This company treats its clientele with contempt.

Your article highlights the problem adequately, but Frogfoot’s lack of a response indicates that a resolution is nowhere in sight.

• Frogfoot spokesperson Kayleigh Rossler responds: We understand the frustration felt by Simon’s Town residents and would like to advise that the stability and integrity of the Frogfoot network in the area is of utmost importance.

As an explanation of the previous issues experienced by customers in the area, the existing infrastructure used by Frogfoot belongs to a third-party provider, and there have been issues with this link due to overhead cable being brought down by corrosion near Glencairn station. Vandalism has also occurred as the cabling is often confused for copper.

Frogfoot can confirm that a secondary route has been commissioned to ensure stability on the network and since this was completed on Tuesday October 5, we have not had any confirmed outages in the area.

Any individual issues experienced must please be logged with the relevant internet service provider for investigation to ensure that this is attended to as soon as possible.

For any queries, please email us on