Good Samaritans save the day

Denise Bussio, Faerie Knowe

On Sunday October 29 it was very windy and the bonnet of my Golf was not clipped on properly.

On my way to church on Kommetjie Road just past the Capri traffic lights, the bonnet blew open. The force of the wind was so strong.

I managed to park on the side of the road thinking that I could just close the bonnet, but unfortunately the clips were damaged. Holding on to the bonnet for dear life, I wasn’t too sure what to do.

Cars came flying past me. Most people just glared but didn’t bother to stop. Next moment a car stopped and this very polite and friendly gentleman stopped.

Rope was needed, which none of us had. He then offered to go to a shop to buy rope.

Once more I was alone, holding onto the bonnet when yet another young gentleman stopped to help. I explained to him what happened when the first good Samaritan returned with the rope.

The two of them secured my bonnet and waited for me to leave first, ensuring that I was okay and that the bonnet was secure.

I didn’t even get their names, but I hope that they see this.

The world needs more people like this. May God bless them always.