Grateful for help

Life Ndlovu, Fish Hoek

I would like to express my gratitude towards Jane Kratz and Wayne Jazi, who sells magazines at the traffic lights in Main Road near Clicks.

On Monday April 4, I did a stupid thing: I hung my expensive white jacket on my car door and then decided to go to the beach.

I drove all the way from 2nd Avenue with the jacket hanging on the door without noticing. When I passed the traffic lights at Clicks, the jacket fell off and the woman who was driving behind me hooted.

I couldn’t stop in the middle of the road but drove up to the beach entrance. I did not know why she kept hooting. When I stopped my car she stopped by my side and told me that I had lost my jacket.

That is when I remembered what I had done with my jacket. This is when Wayne, who sells magazines, came running very fast with the jacket all the way from Clicks up to the beach entrance.

I am so humbled by these two people.