Help find Sammy

Liz Deneys, Faerie Knowe

Sammy’s first home was under a wendy house where she and her three siblings were born to two Faerie Knowe strays.

After being sterilised, she and her sister moved to a loving home in Masi, where they lived happily as indoor cats until the devastating fire in December last year which left thousands homeless.

Their owner lost her house and all her possessions but was miraculously able to save the sisters, who were subsequently fostered by her employer who had by then adopted and sterilised the sisters’ parents.

During this time, Sammy suffered multiple seizures and was put on epilepsy medication, to which she responded well, and she stopped having fits.

Before moving back to their owner’s new house, the sisters had to spend 12 days at a cattery in Kommetjie, where they quickly earned the affection of the wonderful owner, Denise, and her equally nice assistant, Shaun. They too administered her medication diligently, and she continued to be fine after moving back to her owner’s new house.

Sadly, on Sunday night, a visiting family member left the front door open, and Sammy slipped out unnoticed.

Her sister, who has never been alone, cries constantly for Sammy. And her owner, who is crazy about her fur babies, is equally stressed, especially as Sammy will revert to epileptic fits if she doesn’t get her medication very soon.

Please be on the lookout and call Hlehle on 078 822 8657 or Liz on 084 4011 503 should you find Sammy or have any information – be it good news or bad – as not knowing what has happened to her is even worse than knowing she is dead.

There is a reward for her safe return.