History remembered

A picture of the cricket bat used by Mr Mansfield at the first World Deaf Cricket Cup in Melbourne, Australia.

Alan Mansfield, Fish Hoek

Regarding your “Celebrating 70 years” article on page 4 (“Fish Hoek’s historical trivia,” Echo, April 28), I humbly wish to add that I have also retired to Fish Hoek, after representing South Africa in 1993 in tennis at the World Games for the Deaf in Sofia, Bulgaria (now known as the Deaflympics).

It was the first time South Africa were admitted, and, being busy transiting to democracy, we had no official flag, but I had the honour of carrying it at the closing ceremony.

I also represented the country in 1995/6 at the first World Deaf Cricket Cup in Melbourne, Australia, and we marched before a packed stadium.

A well-known South African Paralympian once said, “Disabled sport is equally competitive”.

I wish no personal photograph or honour for this – just to place it on record.