Let’s keep beach boxes secure

Jacob Beute, Muizenberg

The City has spent much on the eight, very colourful, Muizenberg bathing boxes at Surfer’s Corner.

We are most grateful. These iconic boxes are appreciated by all who visit.

I enjoy walking past them, almost daily, I see them much photographed, thus drawing many to our beach.

Muizenberg Beach is one of Cape Town’s top-graded iconic beaches, inclusive of the ever-popular Surfer’s Corner

However, over the past few months, I have noticed that the doors of these boxes are gradually being unhinged and removed.

First one hinge disappears, then both, then, gone is the door.

On walking past them this morning, Monday April 17, I counted five doors partly unhinged, and three doors are gone.

A security officer could give me no reason.

The City spends a ton of money on the so-called beach “security”. They should rather do the following:

• Have only two or three dedicated officers guarding in turns, day and night, preventing further vandalism, vagrancy and theft.

• Replace the doors with quality lockable barrel bolts, rather than the present, lesser, unlockable barrel bolts.

• Securely lock all doors at night, unlocking them, early, during the daylight hours for use.

• Keep the dedicated security accountable for theft.

Let’s preserve these boxes, at all costs, and let’s keep our City accountable for the tax money paid.

• Mayoral committee member for community services Patricia van der Ross responds:

At present, there are two day and two night security guards placed to patrol the Muizenberg Pavilion, Muizenberg Beach and the entire Surfer’s Corner, including the huts.

Due to competing priorities, there is currently no budget to place guards solely for the huts. However, the recreation and parks department will continue to review its safety and security arrangements, and, where feasible and as a matter of priority, consider improvements to ensure the safety of our facilities.

The City, in collaboration with Save our Beach Huts, tries to manage the security as best as possible.

As an interim measure, a decision was made to remove doors of the huts to avoid vandals breaking in and damaging the structures around the doors. Security will ensure that these structures are not used illegally until the matter is resolved.

There is a maintenance plan under way, and the City is open to considering the suggestions above.

The City would like to encourage the community to report incidents of vandalism and theft by calling 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700. Alternatively, email the recreation and parks department directly at rp.enquiries@capetown.gov.za