Nothing will quench developers’ appetite

Simon Gibson, Fish Hoek

In response to front page article (“Developer makes fresh grab for wetland site”, Echo, June 9).

When will the greedy capitalists ever stop? The latest in a long line of applications on this site shows there is nothing that will quench the appetite of the developers.

Squeezing so many housing units onto a plot of land when there are already a handful of similar housing complexes right next door tells me they won’t stop building next to the wetlands until it is all bricks and windows.

The actual plot might not look that pretty right now, but it is right next to the wetlands, and there is an ecosystem growing in amongst the rubble and earthworks left behind by previous failed attempts at building there. Do the residents of Carlton Road not deserve their view of the mountain to be left alone?

Some might say that adding 23 houses with 58 parking bays is not going to add much traffic in the great scheme of things, but maybe one more is already too much in a bulging system.

The developers will say that they own the land, but that is just a piece of paper, and I remember a time when this whole area was grass and sand dunes. It’s time we stopped building here. They can go and put some houses in a place where they are needed and will be appreciated by those next door and all in the valley.