Surprised by good service

Alan Bramwell, Noordhoek

Sadly nowadays it is all too often that one experiences bad service and the rudeness of staff. It is like a breath of fresh air when one encounters politeness, helpfulness and good service.

Some Saturdays ago, I had an appointment to renew my driving licence at Fish Hoek council offices, at 2pm.

On arriving there at 1.45pm, I was met by a council official who profusely apologised that they were unable to renew licences due to unexpected load shedding. But all was not lost, as he advised that the staff had arranged to come in the next day (Sunday) when they would process the applications. The next morning, I arrived at the council offices.

I was efficiently processed through the various stages, and emerged some 30 minutes later with the knowledge that I would be advised by e-mail when I could come in to collect the licence card.

The entire process was done in an atmosphere of helpfulness, efficiency and, indeed, a little humour, and when one takes into account that these officials were giving of their leisure time to rectify an unplanned difficulty, it was all the more commendable.

I would suggest that the city council convert the Fish Hoek traffic department into a public-relations training facility and that those inefficient and rude members on the council staff be sent to Fish Hoek to learn what public relations is all about.

Well done, Mr Donovan Fortuin and your colleagues. I know that other members of the public who were there that Sunday morning would agree with my sentiments.