Thank you

Sheila Rice, Murdock Valley

Last Thursday, February 25, while on our way into Fish Hoek from Simon’s Town, our car broke down just at the traffic lights by the left turn into Highway Road, a very inconvenient place for other road users.

One gentleman very kindly helped my husband to push our vehicle further back from the lights which was so kind of him.

Quite a few other drivers offered help, but by then I had phoned the AA and they were on their way to us. In the meantime, two Cape Town traffic officers, Officer Wynand and Officer Jacobs (I do hope I have remembered their names correctly) arrived, parked a little way behind our vehicle and set up a diversion with traffic cones.

The AA arrived and loaded our car very quickly and efficiently. We phoned for a taxi from the Simon’s Town Shuttle and the traffic officers told us that they would stay with us until it arrived, which it did quite quickly, having fitted this trip into their schedule.

Our breakdown happened at around 11.15am, and due to all the efficient help we were home again and having a cup of tea at 1.15pm.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone concerned for the speedy, efficient and pleasant assistance we received. Things are working well here in the deep south.