Thank you

Jennifer Strickland, Clovelly

On Tuesday April 26 I fell flat on my face outside the licensing department at the civic centre. At 80, such a fall is no laughing matter.

Everyone was very helpful and kind. My special thanks go to Rose, an experienced first aider, who abandoned her place in the queue to help me.

She got me into recovery position, did crowd control and used her airtime to call my husband.

Thanks also to Greg from Cape Medical Response (CMR), who helped me to a sitting position, checked me out and arranged for me to see a doctor.

Also, Michael, who helped me clean blood off my face and fetched me coffee, with two sugars, and a biscuit.

It was a dramatic fall but no bones broken and, although very shaken, I should be fine soon.

Also, of course, thanks to my husband who came as soon as he heard.