Thank you for souvenir edition

Rosalind Raubenheimer, Faerie Knowe

Congratulations on, and many thanks for, the 70th anniversary souvenir edition of the False Bay Echo on Thursday September 28.

It was interesting and informative and of great interest to those of us who grew up in Fish Hoek.

Many thanks for the well researched article on my grandmother, mayor of Fish Hoek Euphemia Paris.

Although I provided you with some anecdotes, your research reminded me of facts I’d forgotten.

There is one more thing I’d like to add: She was an animal lover and a lady way ahead of her time, and during her tenure as Fish Hoek mayor, she banned performing animals in the circus.

So every circus that came to Fish Hoek came on condition that there would be no performing animals.

These days, everyone is aware of the cruelty and abuse involved in training wild animals to perform for our entertainment, but 60 years ago that was not the universal case, and I pay tribute to her for her sensitivity at taking a stand against this animal abuse.