Thank you, secret Santa

Geoff and Cherry Howell enjoying their anniversary at the Hussar Grill.

Cherry and Geoff Howell, Lakeside

I need to share this “feel good” story.

On Tuesday December 14, my husband, Geoff, and I celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary at the Hussar Grill, at Steenberg Village Centre.

We had a truly super evening, and when we called for the bill, we were told by our charming waitress that the bill had been paid in full by a couple who sat at the table behind us.

She explained that our “secret Santas” (who had left just before our meal arrived) were insistent that their identity remain anonymous.

We were gobsmacked at this act of generosity and would like to thank our secret Santas for this touching gesture. If any reader recognises this couple behind us, kindly convey our sincere appreciation for blessing us in this way.