Use chains to warn trucks

Bill Tomlinson, Marina da Gama

I refer to your story “’Bridget’, still making a meal of trucks,“ Echo, November 24.

The hugely expensive electronic counter-measures installed by the council are unlikely to work and anyway will deteriorate rapidly in Muizenberg’s moist air and strong winds. A cheaper and better system, which is unaffected by moisture and wind, is used in Spain.

Some distance before the low bridge, a frame is erected, with a number of chains dangling down from it, positioned such that any truck which would hit the bridge will first hit the chains. When a truck hits the chains, they do no damage but make a huge noise, which warns the driver to stop. This system has been used in Spain for many years and is reliable and effective.

• Mayoral committee member for urban mobility Rob Quintas said building a gantry with gongs or chains was not possible due to the many municipal underground services already in the road reserve.

He said it would be impossible for such a huge plinth to be cast as no digging of any type would be allowed as the underground services included high voltage electricity cables, water mains and communication cables.

“A substantial concrete plinth would need to be installed so an overhead pole can be mounted for attaching chains. On the eastbound approach on Atlantic Road, delivery vehicles turn left just before the bridge towards the shopping centre to do deliveries, making this location impractical,” he said.